This is a clone of PM Globe2; famous software for IBM OS/2. You can get original PM Globe2 for OS/2, PM Globe3 for Windows and Palm Globe for Palm from here. Global clock has enhanced clock function including DST support. Global clock uses neigher DirectX nor OpenGL.
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Requirements to run

I checked Global clock runs with condition below.
OSJapanese Windows 2000, XP
CPUIntel Pentium4 2.4GHz, Intel Mobile Pentium III 733MHz/500MHz, AMD AthlonXP 1800+
VideoHi-color (16bit) True color(24bit/32bit)
You may be see bad colored globe with video less than them.
It must run well on Windows for any language. It should run well on Windows 95 and 98. Note that it requires 6MB memory on Windows 2000 for drawing radius 300.


Put these files in same directory/folder and launch GlobalClock.exe.


Delete all files above. No Windows registry is used.


You can change size and view direction by changing parameters listed on right. Try globe on top of this page.
LongitudeLongitude of center point to show. Positive number for east and negative for west.
LatitudeLatitude of center point to show. Positive number for south and negative for north.
RotationRotate globe in Windows desktop plane. Positive number for CCW. North pole will be at top with 0.
SizeRadius of globe (unit: pixel). It requires memory in propotion to square of radius.
CitiesSelected cities will be drawn on globe. Any cities behind of globe will not be shown.
SaveRecord latitude, longitude, radius, window position and city selection to globalclock.ini. This record will be restored on next launch. (Globe at top of this page does not have this function.)
Redraw nowRedraw globe right now. Globe is updated automatically every minute.
Any points on globe can be centered by clicking the point. Window size can be changed with same manner of most Windows application. Globe radius will be changed to be suitable to new window size. Cities are colored with this rule.
WhiteThe city does not have DST.
OrangeThe city is now in DST.
BlueThe city is now out of DST.

For experts

To be updated.


Update history

May 2, 2006
Optional data file of planet Omni.
Nov.23, 2005
Fix DST calculation.
Fix time offset of some cities.
Aug.13, 2005
Type upgrade. Thanks to rosh.
Aug.7, 2005
Initial release.