Mil-lilly of today

This page shows pictures of 'Mil-Lilly'- an enemy in Japanese online game PhantasyStar Online Blue Burst. I need a weapon 'Psycho-wond' and she gives it. However I can rarely see her and she rarely give it. How many Mil-Lilly do I need to kill?

What is this?
blog20070118_DoubleMilLily.jpeg#1,2 (2007/1/18) Item: No record(2007)
I may not see again 2 Mil Lillies at same time.
nopicture.png#3 #3 (2007/3/3) Item: No record(2007)
nopicture.png#4 (2007/3/8) Item: No record(2007)
millily-20070309.jpeg#5 (2007/3/3) Item: Resist/cold(2007)
nopicture.png#6 (2007/3/17) Item: Telepipe(2007)
millily-20070320.jpeg#7 (2007/3/20) Item: All/resist(2007)
millily-20070329_.jpeg#8 (2007/3/29) Item: Currency(2007)
blog20070330_millily.jpeg#9 (2007/3/30) Item: Telepipe(2007)
blog20070331_millily.jpeg#10 (2007/3/31) Item: Telepipe(2007)
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